Currently we offer support via email, the project forum and the project wiki pages. You can contact us directly via Skype.

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Because pure Java is not the one and only technology used in we do our best to prepare training material on all other technologies we use as well. Keeping the knowledge of developers up-to-date is one of the essential things that is important for the acceptance of the project at all. On following sites we try to sketch an overview about the major technologies we are using in Before going into detail it is important to understand how things fit together and what the main purpose of each technology is. After you have accomplished this you can dig more into detail and teach yourself on topics where you feel unaware.

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Please join the Google Group and participate in open discussions around the project and further development. Visit us on

You are invited to visit our site on to find out more about basic technologies. Just click to .

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If you feel more comfortable by learning from screencasts rather than studying books or slides then you should join our YouTube Channel on .