Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Important fixes that have to be done until the next release 14 FIXME
Just things to do 8 todo, @todo, XXX
Things to verify and to check 0 // check:

Each tag is detailed below:

Important fixes that have to be done until the next release

Number of occurrences found in the code: 14

org.openwms.common.comm.tcp.OSIPTelegramSerializer Line
[scherrer] Comment this 51
org.openwms.common.domain.TransportUnit Line
[scherrer] : call prepersist on the barcode 244
org.openwms.common.domain.values.Problem Line
[scherrer] : add new column with root exception private Throwable rootCause; 43
org.openwms.common.integration.jpa.TransportUnitTest Line
[scherrer] : fail("Persisting with unknown targetLocation must fail!"); 188
org.openwms.common.service.TransportUnitService Line
[scherrer] : Use Target instead 66
org.openwms.core.domain.search.Action Line
[scherrer] : This list is not resolved by JAXB 84
org.openwms.core.domain.system.usermanagement.User Line
[scherrer] : Setting the same password should fail 367
org.openwms.core.integration.file.PreferencesDaoImpl Line
[scherrer] : delegate to preferences 120
org.openwms.core.integration.jpa.RoleDaoImpl Line
[scherrer] : check this code! 60
org.openwms.core.rest.roles.RolesController Line
[scherrer] Comment this 142
org.openwms.core.rest.users.UsersController Line
[scherrer] Comment this 204
[scherrer] Comment this 231
org.openwms.core.service.spring.ConfigurationServiceImpl Line
[scherrer] : Don't do nothing. clone and merge! 123
org.openwms.core.service.spring.ModuleServiceTest Line
[scherrer] : Its not correct, we expect a startupOrder == 2. not fixed tonight 240

Just things to do

Number of occurrences found in the code: 8

org.openwms.common.comm.api.CommonHeader Line
[scherrer] : remove this it is specific to telegrams. 77
org.openwms.common.comm.err.ErrorMessageServiceActivator Line
[scherrer] : 72
org.openwms.core.rest.users.UsersController Line
[scherrer] : clarify if this is necessary 195
org.openwms.core.service.exception.EntityAlreadyExistsException Line
[scherrer] Auto-generated constructor stub 40
[scherrer] Auto-generated constructor stub 50
[scherrer] Auto-generated constructor stub 61
org.openwms.core.util.lang.CollectionUtilTest Line
[scherrer] : Fix the implementation of the ugly ListExtractor interface, it is not convenient to use and complete the test 83
org.openwms.tms.service.spring.TransportUnitRemovalListener Line
[scherrer] : Also add a listener (hook) to be overridden by other modules. 128