How to contribute to

Required Knowledge

If you're willed to contribute as a developer to, then please read our remarks about the knowledge you should already have in application development and the skills about the major technologies.

Because we are just a small team of developers we can't spend plenty of time to explain the basics of the technologies itself. We do our best to provide significant training material on our web pages, in screencasts or in form of api documentation. As a member of the development team you have also access to the developer section where we host an overall Developer Documentation that is always kept up-to-date.

Why should you become a contributor?

  • A developer has full access to the website respectively to the developer section to learn more about the internals of
  • You are granted to commit sourcecode to our Subversion repository
  • As a part of out developer team you're prompted to decision findings (also architectural decisions) and internal discussions

What should you do next?

Send your interest in a short email to own of us and ask for a membership. We will have a talk or chat with you about the details and your knowhow. The decision about the membership mostly depends on the knowledge you bring in, hence you start with small implementation tasks to find out if you are the right man/woman to commit to our repository seriously. Don't be scared, beginning in a new project is always not the easiest thing! To prevent a mess of our software and to ensure quality continuously we have a continuous integration system running that complains when tests are failing or sourcecode is un-compileable.

So don't hesitate and send us your request.

After a while...

You have earned a lot of knowledge and are able to take care about other things around like tracker support or writing user documentation. Probably you can also do manual release builds and upload these to the Maven repository.

The Goal

is to serious take care about the feedback we get from our customers. A good product can only become better if user demands and enhancement requests are taken seriously and be replied in short time. An active project forum and an active tracker system is essential as well. All new decisions we take must be driven by the community to keep our project up to the market needs - spoken: Community driven, not personal driven!